EverQuest Experiments

EQ Experimentation!

AKA EverQuestions!

Dedicated to scientific study, etc…

After discovering Project 1999, my curiosity for all things EverQuest became reinvigorated.

Note: this testing is for Project 1999's "classic" EverQuest, circa 1999, with no expansions. Also note: data are for a virtual world.

Movement Speed

Before Luclin's Alternate Advancement, running speed was on everyone's mind. It was an obsession… Do trolls run slower, do gnomes run faster? Is a shaman SoW better than a druid SoW?
Here is the hierarchy for Classic:

  1. 64-65% Selo's Accelerating Chorus spell, from a 49+ Bard
  2. 55% Spirit of Wolf spell, from a Level 50 caster
  3. >35% Spirit of Wolf spell, from a Level 12+ caster
  4. 35% JourneymanBoots spell, from JBoots
  5. 34% Blood of the Wolf potion
  6. 34% Spirit of Wolf spell, from a Level 9 Shaman
  7. 20% Selo's Accelerando song (self only)
  8. 10% Selo's Rhythm of Speed song, from a Level 25 Bard
  9. Normal (greater than 75 Agility)


Does more agility affect run speed?

under construction, still testing data

Light Sources and Vision

What vision is best? What light source?
Ultravision >
Serpent Sight >
Infravision (or Deadeye spell) >
Greater Lightstone >
Torch >
Fire Beetle Eye >
Normal HUM, BAR, ERU, DWF vision

Money and Weight

Ever wondered the formula for mass and coin?
20.9 copper = 1 stone*
20.9 silver = 1 stone
20.9 gold = 1 stone
20.9 platinum = 1 stone

*stone is a generic term for a unit of mass

So, if you have 200 platinum pieces (naked), you have 10 stones of extra money weight…

How long is a Tick?

1 tick = 6 seconds


under construction, still testing data

Bind Wound

under construction, still testing data
How much does Bandaging heal?


under construction, still testing data
Ever wonder if EQ rounds at .50 or .51? Do decimal places matter?

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